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New Life

New Life

Today make 1 week since my Dior had her six pups. I can’t thank East Metro enough for staying by my side while she delivered. I was a nervous wreck. It was the plan we had in place but thank God for sending a light to help me through this process. Mom and pups are...
So happy

So happy

My baby Osho 22 had a bite wound and in a bad place the cast and crew at the emergency animal clinic took care of her immediately and saved her a lot of pain and suffering as well as me just fabulous people whom I think the world of when they helped my little cat and...
A scary night

A scary night

We lost our dog to bladder cancer and six days later found ourselves at the vet with her sister. She was in congestive heart failure and they were not sure she would make it through the night. Heartbroken, we took her to East Metro. After an emotional week and a...

Thank you for you kindness

My wife and I brought our cat, Cali, to East Metro Emergency and the Dr. and entire staff was very professional, concerned and caring. Our fur baby must have passed on the drive to their office and the entire staff was very respectful of our baby and us during this...

They were caring about Jelly Bean, but very concerned about me.

On Sat. November 2, 2019. I had an emergency with my child, Jelly Bean. She got excellent treatment the second she was there. Unfortunately, her heart just gave out. I want to thank Dr. Mary Moon and her staff for ALL they did to try to save her. If you or I ever need...