(678)212-0301 Fax


6225 Hwy 278 NW
Covington GA 30014
Covington Crossings Shopping Center

When you visit

Prior to Arrival

Whenever possible, please try to call ahead at (678) 212-0300 so that we may be able to better prepare for your visit and explain the process to you.

Please bring your pet’s medication and medical records or paperwork with you. Provide details of what happened with your pet before, during, and after you first noticed a problem. A thorough history will aid us in providing the best care.

Upon Arrival

You will be provided a check-in form and get registered in our system. Your pet will then be taken in to our treatment area for triage and problem assessment.


A thorough nose-to-tail physical exam of your pet will be conducted by our veterinarian. You will be provided an estimate for any diagnostic testing needed which may include lab work or x-rays. After test results are reviewed, treatment services to best care for your pet will be discussed with you.

Payment Info

Please note that East Metro Animal Emergency Clinic accepts cash and credit cards only, and full payment is required at the time services are rendered. The exam fee is $186 before midnight and$221 after midnight. Any diagnostic testing, treatments, and service fees will be in addition to the exam fee.

Checks and payment plans are not available, but you may apply for CareCredit and ScratchPay payment services. CareCredit offers 6 months interest-free on balances over $200.