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6225 Hwy 278 NW
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June 8, 2024

East Metro Animal Clinic
6225 US-278E
Covington, Georgia 30014

Dear Doctors and Staff:

In November 2023, 4 months after my puppy was born, I brought Carabelle, my miniature dachshund, to your clinic for emergency help. She was in severe distress, couldn’t lift her head, couldn’t walk, and extreme pain riddled through her body. She had lost all function and was in a coma-like state upon arrival. Carabelle was eventually diagnosed with dog meningitis, was given antibiotics straight away, and was not expected to live through the night due to the severity of her sudden symptoms. It was a race against time.

Imagine the continued worry and heart wrenching tears during my visit and throughout the long, long night as I prayed and prayed for my fur-baby to be okay. As the morning approached and thinking there could be bad news, I was dreading the phone call, but at the same time I was also hoping for a miracle Then, to my and the staff’s delight we were overwhelmed with joy when we all witnessed that miracle. Carabelle had made a 180 degree turn for the better in the wee hours and had returned to her original puppy-self, walking around wagging her tail like nothing ever happened. It was a God-answered prayer and amazing turnaround by the doctor, as we all agreed went against all odds.

Carabelle will be one year old on July 3, 2024, and I thought you’d like to see a picture of how she is today. I am so appreciative and thankful for all the help afforded to her, to my family and to myself by East Metro Animal Clinic. Seeing how much of a wreck I tried to hide, not so convincingly, the doctors and their staff were so compassionate and very patient , and everyone made me feel so encouraged. The doctor was calm and courteous, and not only completely understood my emotional state, was quick to act in treatment, ultimately saving Carabelle’s life. The receptionist and the tech (very sorry I do not have their names) were so kind, obliging, and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. They literally kept me from losing it.

Everyone had their part in being completely committed in saving the life of my beautiful miniature, long-haired 4-5 pound dachshund and I can’t thank everyone enough. Please extend my thanks (and Carabelle’s) to all involved on that tragic evening in November 2023.


Sheryl Hall